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Vintage Wedding Vibe

If you’re envisioning a vintage vibe for your wedding, use lots of lace. Lace runners, lace overlays, lace in your gown, have your florist wrap your bouquet stems with some lace from your mom’s or grandmother’s hankie. Also have your florist incorporate miniature picture frames of your passed grandmother or grandmothers’ on your bouquet. Incorporate lace in your arbor or gazebo. Use vintage vases, lots of them in varying sizes, with varying type of flowers, and use clear cylinders with candles . For votive candles, you can find alternate types of candles in varying designs and shapes. Rent furniture with a vintage vibe for a seating area. You can set up the furniture in one corner of your reception room or have an outdoor area. You can also set up a cigar bar. There are many more ideas and I’d be happy to help you with your planning and décor.

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