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Should I Purchase Wedding Insurance?


 Rain, some say, can be good luck on your wedding day. But blizzards, sudden injury, or illness, can ruin the happy day. While you may not be able to prevent the unexpected, you can protect a portion of your investment by planning ahead.

If you're thinking about buying wedding insurance—also called special event insurance—you should know that it has two parts.

 Cancellation or postponement coverage is one. If extreme weather forces cancellation, for example, this coverage will reimburse you for deposits or even the entire cost of a service or rental of a venue. It also can help pay for the costs incurred to reschedule the celebration.

 The other part—liability coverage—indemnifies you if someone is injured during the wedding, or if there is property damage. You can buy either type of wedding insurance coverage, or both types.


 Another type of insurance is Wedding Gift Insurance. Suppose you leave your gifts in the car the night of the wedding and when you go to your car the next morning, they're gone! Suppose the gifts were put in your hotel room and you go out for breakfast, and only a couple of your gifts were stolen, making it look like you have all your gifts. Suppose extreme weather conditions ruin your gifts. Suppose you receive an email from of your guests asking if you received their gift and its no where to be found!

  Up to $10,000 in coverage for all wedding gifts (excludes cash and gift cards)

Coverage can be begin up to 90 days before the wedding, and will end 90 days after the wedding. (almost 6 months of coverage!)

 The average price is $60

These policies are very easily set up and only require basic customer information.

 Contact me to assist with insuring your wedding!!

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