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If you want to make a bold statement for your wedding, use splashes of bright colors.  You can have any color in a linen that your heart desires.  If your caterer doesn’t provide the color you’re looking for, there are many linen rental companies who have specialty linens and offer a huge variety of colors. 

When your guests walk into the room, you’ll want your table linens to be a WOW factor!  You can do so much with centerpieces or décor that will also reflect the bold statement you want to make. 

Everything from your invitations to your thank you cards should all have the same color scheme as your wedding. Your invitation is a sneak peek and your thank you card is a reminder of how beautiful your reception was. 

Also, bright colors incorporated into your gown are very trendy this year!!

I love to work with colors and would be happy to help you with your planning and décor. This photo reflects a wedding that we did at The Accelerator Space for a Taiwanese Tea Ceremony and Reception! There were vibrant bright colors in everything ! She used BOLD colors!

(Photos by Elizabeth Austin Photography)

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