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How to create an Elegant Wedding

How do you see your wedding! If you are going for the Elegant touch, incorporate the tips below!

  • Go big with your flowers! Have some very tall elegant floral vases as well as low vases for your reception table.

  • Use gold or silver chargers and keep your linen colors to white or off white.

  • Your accent tables will be very fancy patterned linens .

  • Your dress should be formal and not chiffon.

  • Your groom should wear a tuxedo, preferably black.

  • Scatter varying size candles to create a romantic glow.

  • Hire a production company to provide some lighting in a color that accents your reception room, perhaps, an amber glow, or a very bright white to up-light the walls.

  • Also consider draping for entrances or behind your sweetheart table.

  • Your food should be top of the line as well as your bar and cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres.

I have many other ideas and also ideas to incorporate some colors and still keep the elegant touch. I’d be happy to help with your planning and décor!

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