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Guests Come First!

Get a grip on your guest list. Will your venue accommodate the number of guests you have on your list? You'll want to make sure your venue can handle the number of guests you are anticipating inviting..

To provide good spacing, plan on 25 to 30 square feet per guest. That may seem like a lot, but it's really not if you allot for the space you'll need for the tables, waiters, the DJ. gift table, guest book table, cake table, and a dance floor.

If you find you're coming up with too many guests, develop an A/B list. Here's how it works. You normally send out your invitations about 8 weeks prior to your deadline date for menu selections and guest count to the caterer.

Your A list will include family and close friends that you MUST invite.

Your B list will include distant relatives that you don't see all the time and friends that you'd LIKE to invite.

Just remember, if you invite one cousin, you have to invite all cousins, etc. It's the same with co-workers.

You will send invitations to guests on your A list 10-12 weeks prior to the deadline date for the caterer.

You will send invitations to the guests on your B list as you get back "No's" from you A list.

A good rule of thumb -- you don't want to send out any invitation earlier than 6 weeks prior to that deadline for the caterer. Guests will see themselves as an "after thought".

I can help you manage your A/B list! Just request a FREE consultation!!

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