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What's Your Wedding Vibe?

When thinking about your wedding, it’s important to visualize the vibe you want your guests’ to experience. Do you want an intimate, vintage, rustic, or an elegant, or an Eco- friendly wedding, or do you want to make a bold statement?

I love planning weddings because I see the bride and groom’s personalities shine through their theme.

If you want an intimate feel, it’s important to use warmer or more pastel colors in your linens and your flowers. Lots of candles will create a warm friendly glow. Find a caterer who offers family meals to each table. It will cost a little extra but it will give the family intimate feel. Or, have a buffet. Instead of using chargers, look for different type of older pattern plates and use those for dining. Mix-matching is fine. For tables, farm tables would be superb with just a runner. There are many more ideas and I’d be happy to share with you!

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